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Jessie's Tiny House Build: one really fun week at Agari Permaculture Farm, near Melbourne, Australia in November 2015. Here's a neat article about the build by our friend, Kate:

In winter do you have to build a wall with winter tires?
— 6 year-old participant

Workshops go hand in hand with natural building and tiny houses. The people we get to meet each and every time are inspiring change-makers from all over the world. We learn together how to live in community, communicate, practice permaculture, make life-long connections and build beautiful structures. 

We host natural building and tiny house building workshops to inspire and empower people to build with confidence.  

Contact us to learn more or to chat about bringing to life your dream of hosting a workshop.

We co-hosted New Zealand's first tiny house workshop in February 2017.

A 3-day workshop we ran in Vancouver, Canada.

At OUR Ecovillage, working with Elke Cole, a from (

A must on all jobsites.

Day 7 of a two week workshop. Framing is done, house is wrapped, roof is complete. Siding, flashings and windows are happening on the exterior. Electrics, plumbing, insulation, vapor barrier and wall linings on the interior. Everybody is confident, happy and going for it!.