Ben Garratt

I love designing, building and helping people to create their dream HOME.

I've always been a builder. My house is full of things I made when I was young, from toys to treasure boxes, to furniture. I finished my electrical apprenticeship in Australia in 1997 and ran an electrical contracting company for many years. I've worked on commercial, government and residential jobs in Australia, England and Canada. I started renovating homes in my early 20s and loved the whole experience of transforming spaces. Eventually I started a general contracting business and took on residential and large commercial contracts. After years of building, my body was telling me to reduce my exposure to toxic materials. Though I still enjoyed the work, my health wasn't great (my skin was suffering the most). Also, the misalignment between my values and conventional building was becoming tough to ignore. I started learning everything I could about natural building and got experience with it wherever I could. I immediately started bringing aspects of natural building and permaculture to every job.  I use my mechanical background, natural building techniques and love of community to create artistic built spaces that will keep their inhabitants happy and healthy for generations. All of my projects are completed in collaboration with a team of talented and like-minded creatives and tradespeople. 

I live in Vancouver, Canada with my wife and two young children. When we can, we spend Canadian winters in Australia and New Zealand to enjoy building during their summer. 

The most sustainable energy source we have is that MASSIVE nuclear reactor in the sky.