1. Thermal/Solar Heating & Cooling
  2. Solar & Wind Electricity
  3. Contained Sewage Treatment
  4. Building with Natural & Recycled Materials
  5. Water Harvesting
  6. Food Production
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Te Timatanga, new zealand.  what an epic project! 

This earthship build started with a two month immersive workshop involving over 50 incredible people, living, learning, working and eating together. The results of that much love speak for themselves. To see more check out the Grand Designs video below.

Grand Designs New Zealand, Episode 1 


Tanglewood - Cob Cottage, New Zealand

We designed this for the property owner, Sculpted Earth ran the Cob workshop, while Brenton from Mānawa Construction took care of the structure and finishing. Its so satisfying to "build" something conceptually and then see how it actually does get built, and built so beautifully at that. The living roof was changed for copper hence the straight lines of the roof. Please email for design services or plan sales. 

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Tanglewood - Cob house - living room.jpg
Tanglewood - Cob house - Front.jpg

STRAW BALE - Oratia, New Zealand

For this build, we teamed up with our friends from Agari Farm, Sculpted Earth, and Mānawa Construction plus the home owners, Tom and Shaye, from 'DIY Home Builder' to run a wonderful two-week workshop in January 2017.