Jessie's Tiny House Build: one really fun week at Agari Permaculture Farm, near Melbourne, Australia in November 2015. Here's a neat article about the build by our friend, Kate:

We run Tiny house design workshops and also hands on building workshops in North America, Australia and New Zealand. Based out of Vancouver BC, we offer Evening, Two day, One week or Two week hands on Building workshops. (or can customize as required) At your venue or ours. Please email or sign up above for our updates. 


The 3 day weekend hands on course was a blast. I found confidence in using power tools and learnt more about tiny house design and building than 5 years of Youtube
— Shelly Smith
Thank you Ben for an amazing workshop. Our new community of Tiny house friends was an unexpected highlight. You helped me make my Tiny house dream more achievable.
— Clair Rogers
Working alongside Ben is like watching a master tradesman at work, his knowledge is mindblowing but the best part is that he’s a natural born teacher that’s passionate about sharing his knowledge. He has a near magical ability to bring out the inner builder in people, making natural building an incredibly fun journey all the while showing how community and sustainability is at the heart of the tiny house and natural building movement. Recommend isn’t the word, I urge you to take any opportunity to work with Ben, you’ll be forever changed and be connected with a community of like minded folks that’ll become friends for life.
— Avis Mulhall

Workshops go hand in hand with natural building and Tiny Houses. We learn with our Heads, Heart and Hands, the students on each and every course have been inspiring change-makers from all over the world. Learning together how to live in community, communicate, practice permaculture, make life-long connections and build beautiful structures. 

We host natural building and tiny house design and building workshops to inspire and empower people to build with confidence. Click here to see a 2 week schedule. 

Contact us to learn more or to chat about bringing to life your dream of hosting a workshop.

A must on all jobsites.

At OUR Ecovillage, working with Elke Cole, a from (

Day 7 of a two week workshop. Framing is done, house is wrapped, roof is complete. Siding, flashings and windows are happening on the exterior. Electrics, plumbing, insulation, vapor barrier and wall linings on the interior. Everybody is confident, happy and going for it!.