Does the workshop make the build cost cheaper?

Because it depends on the design, workshop attendance, and the skill or enthusiasm of the attendees. The cost of hosting and organizing the workshop is a moving target so i do not offer a discounted rate for a workshopped build. What it usually does is speed up the build process because i bring in my full experienced team and with the help of the attendees, blitz through the stages in a short period of time. I love hosting workshops so people can gain valuable life skills like working with power tools, carpentry basics and make lifelong friends in a pop up community space. The workshop requires about month of prep in order to have good production and efficient workflow. You also get to work on your own Tiny house!

Can you do the workshop on our land or at your workshop?

Yes, i can run the building workshop on your land and you can take the construction from whatever stage we get to. In a two week workshop (details at the bottom of this page) we usually have the Tiny house enclosed (weather tight), electrical, plumbing and mechanical roughed in. Bonus if we have lofts framed, insulation, vapour barrier installed and the interior walls begun (depends on attendees, weather, build size, crew etc etc) I have a 14ft box trailer full of tools and everything that is needed to run a workshop. If the workshop is in the USA i cannot bring this trailer. 

I can also host at my workshop in Vancouver BC, and continue to build out the Tiny house when the workshop has finished. 

How can we have our Tiny home built as a workshop?

Send me an email with some details of what you want to build (sketches/plans/photos), where you want to build, when you want to build, and we can go from there. 

What is the cost of a workshop and what does it include?

The cost of a two or one week workshop varies between $10k and $15k. Either way, we still have our crew there for a minimum of three full weeks. It includes:

  • Organizing the workshop itself, enrolment, staffing (cook/carpenters), staging, food (if needed), and promotion.
  • Running the physical workshop. Our crew will be there for three weeks weather its a one or two week workshop to prepare the site and the project. And also some time after the workshop to tie up any loose ends. 
  • If you require help with ordering materials, construction drawings etc, this is an additional cost. (see FAQ Designs/Plans)



Do you sell the building plans for your models?

Yes, We are getting that part of our page built right now. Please click here or email to enquire. We will have construction plan-sets coming for Rochette, Joy, Jawa, Poplar, Peggy, and more very soon. 

Does Tiny Healthy Homes design custom tiny homes?

Yes. We love working with you to design custom tiny homes, or modifying existing plans. Sometimes its just aesthetic changes like siding, interior walls/ceiling or kitchen layout, others its to accommodate various to material sensitivities, allergies or health condition.

Do you sell Tiny house trailers ?

Yes. We are a distributer for Top Notch trailers in WA USA, we can import on your behalf. to check em out and email us here at for your custom order. 

What does the design and build process look like for a custom tiny house?


- Register for updates and we will send you our 'Tiny House Getting started guide' to help answer questions, organize your thoughts and give a great starting point, create a 'vision folder' with pictures of all the tiny house interior and exterior features that you LOVE!

- Build your floor plan. Click here to purchase our floor plan builder, its fun and easy and brings you closer to getting some plans drawn up. Have fun with it, play with it and imagine yourself in your own custom tiny house

STAGE 2. $5003D design renders of your dream Tiny house. - Design is based on the Stage 1, and a phone/Skype call.   We create a 3D render so you can get an idea of what you home will look like right away. 

STAGE .3  aprox $2000Full construction plan-set, materials list and quote to build. ($2000 is the average custom plan-set price, It will always depend on size, complexity, physical material testing (for sensitivities) and standards requirements.     Have a look at some examples of our plan pages here

STAGE 4. $??? - LETS BUILD YOU A DREAM HOME !. This usually happen within a 3 month build time depending on our schedule. Sometime we will run a building workshop at a certain stage see our workshop page

What is your payment schedule for construction ?

$10,000 Deposit to secure a place in the construction schedule, order your trailer, windows and doors (which all have long lead times). 
40% (minus the deposit) One week prior to our build date.
40% payment once exterior framing, siding and windows are complete. ('lock-up' stage)
20% When the tiny home is complete. (before delivery)

Can my Tiny house be Off-grid Tiny house?

Yes. This has different requirements depending on your location. Installing solar panels or pre wiring for future solar is no problem. We can help you customize your tiny house and combine, water catchment systems, wind turbines, wood stove, solar tubes, propane etc, to meet your needs. 

What is size can you build?

Tiny homes are generally built within the legal road size restrictions of 8’6” wide x 13’6” high. Your length of tiny home can vary. If you want a larger home we can, and have built bigger, but the home would be a Park Model RV (Z241) or a Manufactured or modular building (A277). Call or email for a chat about options. 

Which non toxic building materials should i use?

The best resource is the RED List, produced by the International Living Future Institute. The RED List is accessed from 

Questions about design philosophy and my go-to products? --- Click here for Design



Can I insure my tiny home?

Yes, Talk with your local insurance specialist for site specific requirements, and with autoplan insurance company regarding insurance for the road.

How much do your tiny homes cost?

Basic prices start at $60,000 (Canadian dollars). We are a registered Tiny house builder and can work with you criteria to get the tiny house you like a the price that we can agree is fair. 

Do we offer financing?

Yes, we are working with two financing companies (US and Canadian) so please ask us. To get financing on a tiny house house it is require to be built to the following standards: Canadian Standards Association (CSA) certified. CSA Z-240 RV (NFPA1192) or CSA Z-241 Park Model (ANSI119.5) approved. We work with certified inspection agencies to meet these standards and ensure the highest quality standards a met. 

Can you build and deliver to the USA?

Yes. There is a $920 border documentation fee for import of the tiny home through customs by a professional broker. (The cost of this is easily offset by the exchange rate benefit of building in Canada). If you would like to pick up the Tiny house, and import it personally then this fee would not be charged.

How much is delivery?

As a standard rule around $3/mile (from Vancouver BC, Canada). This becomes cheaper for travel over 300miles, with a minimum fee of $400 plus tolls/ferries etc.

Is there any duty to be paid on the tiny home?

No, however there may be a small amount of sales tax to be paid on the value of the trailer when/if you go to insure the tiny home for the road. This is done with your local road insurance company, and the amount of tax due is based on your local state.

Are you RV Certified?

Tiny Healthy Homes can certify your tiny house to Canadian Standards Association (CSA) certified (which can also provide similar US. RV manufacturer stickers) This means you are assured a quality-controlled home that has passed meticulous inspections by our certifying agency. 

Canada: CSA Z240 RV , CSA Z241 Park Model, CSA A277 Modular building

United States:  NFPA1192 , ANSIA119

What services do need on site?

  • Potable Water – a standard RV or garden hose (in cold areas it should be buried or a thermostat controlled heat trace installed for winter. We have also installed water catchment from the roof into a tank, then pumped to a filter before servicing the tiny house. Every location and client is different.
  • Electrical – depends on the appliances you require but our standard is a 50Amp Rv plug. (this can be wired into mains onsite, or down graded to 15amp easily)
  • If propane appliances are being used we generally install tanks on the trailer tongue just like an RV
  • Grey water generally exits the Tiny house below the shower or Tub with a 2” ABS plumbing pipe. (we can installed RV outlets, if the home is to be more mobile.
  • Black water – most of our clients choose the Separet composting toilet, so no black water is needed. If you would like a regular toilet we can easily install a 3” ABS or RV hook-up.

If you have any other questions please email Ben at -