Consulting and Design services

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One of my passions is thoughtful and effective design. I offer design consultations for any size of home or health considerations. We can schedule a phone call or a chat over Skype, meet for a coffee and go over design concepts or existing plans. I will also come to your home or build site to talk about how to improve the overall health of your living environment. 


- $120/hour for the first three hours ($360)

- then $85/Hour for each additional hour 

design stages 1-4


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- 'Tiny House Design Getting Started Guide' will help you organize your thoughts and questions, and give you a great starting point. Create a 'vision folder' with pictures of all the tiny house interior and exterior features that you LOVE!  If you prefer to have the Tiny House Design Getting Started Guide emailed to you, click here and we will email it right away.

- Build your floor plan. Our Floor Plan Builder is a fun and easy way to get closer to bringing your design to life. Take some time putting all of the pieces together so you can really imagine yourself living in your tiny home.


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$500 - 3D design renders of your dream Tiny House. Design is based on what you've put together during Stage 1 (above) as well as a one-hour phone call or Skype chat. We create a 3D render to give you a clear idea of what your home will look like.


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$2000+ - Full construction plan-set, 24+ pages of plans. Detailing framing plans, flashing, window/door schedules, electrical, mechanical, plumbing and cabinetry. With this kind of plan-set, you can have various components accurately and competitively quoted. We detail our plans for the owner builder to easily understand. Note that price will always depend upon size of building, complexity of the design, physical material testing (for sensitivities) and certifications requirements. Have a look at some examples of our plan pages here.



Your build can begin following completion of the first three stages. Only after the first three stages have been completed can we can give an accurate quote.  If the quoted price works for you, $10 000 deposit to secure your spot in our production schedule must be received before we take our first step, which is ordering your trailer and windows. A trailer and windows order typically requires six weeks delivery time. Once your trailer and windows have been received, we can start building! Builds usually take between two and three months, depending on our schedule. Sometime our clients wish to run a short building workshop at a certain stage of the build. If you would like to learn more about workshops, please see our workshop page


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Construction drawings are for sale for our most popular designs. If the design you're interested in isn't available for sale when you're looking, please be in touch and we'll see what we can do.

Custom design is also a service we are proud to offer. If you have a specific design in mind or a combination of a few features, ideas or concepts, please contact us to start a conversation. A great place to start is our new Design Guide and our awesome Cut and Paste Exercise (in metric or imperial). When you subscribe to our email list, you will receive our Design Guide right away.

Right now we offer custom trailers, composting toilets and house plans, we hope to add our favourite appliances, fixtures and furniture at a great price for you in the future.