Sonora Tiny House in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Sonora Tiny House in Vancouver, British Columbia.


We love tiny houses and focus on creating efficient spaces with great air quality. We choose materials and products that are low-VOC (volatile organic compounds), non-toxic, re-purposed, up-cycled, EMF-free and reclaimed. We work with your preferences, politics, values, aesthetic and sensitivities.

Consulting and Design services.

 plans & products

We are so proud of our designs and comprehensive plan sets that we've shared them here. We're happy to chat with you if you have questions, require changes in size or tweaks in the design. If you decide to build from our plans, keep in touch as we'd love to see pictures of your building.


Tiny House Workshop, Victoria, Australia, November 2015.

Tiny House Workshop, Victoria, Australia, November 2015.


We learn with our heads, hearts and hands. Running workshops is a great way to share skills, create community and build amazing things.

We facilitate weekend workshops,  one-week build workshops and everything in between. Contact us to learn more.

NATURAL BUILDInG & earthships

With the goal of helping people get off-grid to live in harmony with nature, we design and build standard and hybrid model earthships and natural buildings. Whether it's strawbale structures, bottle walls, earthen floors, plastering, rammed earth, light earth or cob stomping, natural building is at the heart of our work. Contact us to learn about any of the innovative ways you can start your own natural building adventure. 


We would love to help you in your design journey. Our designs include instinctive and functional features that compliment the natural environment. Everything we design, build and co-create is rooted in the core tenets and design principles of permaculture. Permaculture is a brilliant design philosophy and it rocks! Check it out here.

Residential renovation, Vancouver, British Columbia

Residential renovation, Vancouver, British Columbia

residential & commercial

As well as our natural and tiny house building services, we also operate Bright Green Construction, which offers design and build services on residential and commercial projects. 

Bright green is an ideology based on the belief that the convergence of technological change and social innovation provides the most successful path to sustainable development.

We will work with you to understand your design aesthetic, style preferences and lifestyle requirements.  As best suits your budget and interests, we'll work with you to source the lowest-impact, most efficient and non-toxic options available.