TINY HOUSeS we have built

We custom design and build tiny houses. With a commitment to using non-toxic, low EMF (electromagnetic frequency), repurposed and salvaged materials, we work with you to design the tiny house that suits your needs, aesthetic, values, health and sensitivities. Click here for our design layout worksheet. and also here for our custom design pricing and process .

All our plans are available for sale and We ALSO build CUSTOM Tiny house shells.

email ben for more information @ tinyhealthyhomes@gmail.com 

cascadia 10’x30’

The latest version of the original Rochette (below). 30x10ft with a three bedroom loft, Full size tub in the bathroom and a Separet toilet, stackable washer dryer, larger fridge and a mud room. Take a look at the photo Gallery here

Sonora 24’x8’

Sonora is our fully certified RV unit. We have two models currently in production Features include: Two styles of kitchen, (possible storage loft above kitchen), Tons of under floor storage, Bathroom layout for tub or shower, Rear and or side doors

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Hügge Home - 24’x8’

  • Click here for more details and the Virtual tours, also the tour video below.

  • We started this build with a 2 day workshop at the Small Home expo. These design was created with the client using principles of Permaculture, Biomimicry and the Living Building challenge.

  • The approximate cost of a custom (and technical) build like this is US$100k

  • Huge Thanks to Unbuilders, Re-store Habitat for humanity, 475 High performance building products, Innotech windows, Ultimate shower systems, And more!


This 30 x 10 ft (400sq/ft) was a pleasure to build. We used all natural and non-toxic materials throughout with high-end appliances and finishes. There are two bedrooms upstairs, with kitchen, living, bathroom and office-nook downstairs. A beautiful family of four now enjoys the freedom of tiny living in this lovely custom home on Vancouver Island, Canada.


The passive solar design means that this tiny house is a sun-gazer. Designed for a sunny, cold winter and humid, hot summer, this tiny boasts an impressive insulation (R value) and more cool features than most. Peggy is a bachelor(ette) with a pull-out bed stowed away under the low mezzanine-level kitchen and bathroom. Peggy is 18 x 10 ft (200sq/ft) and is parked in Edmonton, Canada. 

AURORA 3 (for sale $95k - 28’ X 8’ 300 SQ/FT)

SPECS: Washer dryer combo, Shower, Standard size flush toilet, Hi quality cabinetry, Soft close door and drawer hardware, Quartz Counter top, True induction cooktop in kitchen counter, Convection microwave, 10 cu’ fridge/freezer, 10 gallon hot water heater electric, AC/Heat mini split heat pump, 50 am shore power cord , Z240 RV certified, 34.5’ trailer overall length, Net weight – approx. 15,500lbs, Height – 13’ 6”

Please email timbur6@telus.net for more details:

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This 17 x 7 ft (150sq/ft) is built from mostly salvaged materials. The bump outs at both ends make it feel like a 20ft THOW.

It's for sale for $55,000

It's ICBC registered as a U-built travel trailer. This designation is no longer available for tiny houses in BC, Canada. We got in before the feds cracked the whip on registering tiny houses (lucky us!).

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Built in New Zealand, this 30 x 8ft (300sq/ft) epic tiny house was built to 80% completion over a fun two-week workshop (six crew plus 16 participants). This was the most locally sourced and non toxic build to date. For more info click here


We designed Eclipse for a lovely family of three and had an ambitious goal to deliver this 8 x 26 ft (270sq/ft) beauty to Oregon just in time for the total solar eclipse in August 2017. We ran a two-week workshop to kick-off this build in Maple Ridge, BC in June 2017 (five crew plus ten participants).


Poplar is 20 x 8ft (200sq/ft) and is the first non-toxic tiny house we built. It's so named because we used polar wood everywhere, as well as MgO wall-board with clay plaster, cotton batt insulation, mini-split A/C for heating and cooling and all electrical systems and appliances. 


A sweet 26ft x 8.6ft (270 sq/ft) tiny house on wheels (THOW). We used plenty of salvaged materials on Joy, which brings us so much joy! The green corrugated siding gives an almost maintenance-free exterior and the plywood interior walls are ready for a natural clay plaster finish. Natural interior finishes are great because they increase negative ions in the space, which rejuvenate the body while creating a unique feeling that you just don't get using conventional materials. It's hard to describe but as soon as you walk into a building made with natural materials, you feel the difference. 

Jesse Tiny house

Built in Australia from 90% recycled or salvaged materials this beauty features a low loft-space with a seating area under exposed rafters, off grid, and unique tub location. This tiny was built to 70% completion during a one week workshop in 2015, in partnership with Agari Farm. 12.5m/sq (130sq/ft).

Ask about any of the tiny houses in the gallery below. they were either built by us or by good friends. Click the image for more details.