This was the first Tiny house i built. Its 20ft x 8ft trailer and adapted Leaf designs. The client had strict non toxic requirements which took us on a journey to discover what building materials triggered her sensitivities and what did not. In the end we settled on just 5 basic materials. 

Leaf - kitchen pic.jpg

1. We had a single Poplar tree milled for all wood components of the house. Framing, ceiling, floors, cabinetry. 2.  MgO Magnesium oxide board for the walls. This was finished with a natural clay plaster.                               3. Aluminum windows. other metals for wiring, shower stall, kitchen where, aluminum "Reflectix" wrap.            4. Cotton bat insulation. for R14 walls. R22 ceiling and floor.                                                                                5. Surprisingly we could use silicon for some water proofing details and adhesive strength where needed.

Leaf - from mez.jpg
Leaf - exterior.jpg
Leaf - kitchen pic2 copy.jpg
poplar floor plan.jpg
plumbing and electrical services in wall.jpg
poplar TH - bathroom.jpg
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