We custom design and build tiny houses. With a commitment to using non-toxic, low EMF (electromagnetic frequency), repurposed and salvaged materials, we work with you to design the tiny house that suits your needs, aesthetic, values, health and sensitivities. Running workshops to help people achieve their tiny house dream is also something that gives us great joy.


We built this 17 x 7 ft (150sq/ft) from mostly salvaged materials. It's parked on Vancouver Island in Canada. It's for sale for $45,000 CAD. 

It's ICBC registered as a U-built travel trailer. This designation is no longer available for tiny houses in BC, Canada. We got in before the feds cracked the whip on registering tiny houses (lucky us!).


This 30 x 10 ft (400sq/ft) was a pleasure to build. We used all natural and non-toxic materials throughout with high-end appliances and finishes. There are two bedrooms upstairs, with kitchen, living, bathroom and office-nook downstairs. A beautiful family of four now enjoys the freedom of tiny living in this lovely custom home on Vancouver Island, Canada.


The passive solar design means that this tiny house is a sun-gazer. Designed for a sunny and cold in winter/hot in summer climate, this tiny boasts an impressive insulation value and more cool features than most. Peggy is a bachelor(ette) with a pull-out bed stowed away under the low, mezzanine-level kitchen and bathroom. Peggy is 18 x 10 ft (200sq/ft) and is parked in Edmonton, Canada.